Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we are happy to welcome you to the official website of the Company "Skazy" and hope that we can maintain a state of happiness and joy of your soul until the moment when you decide what mood you have is good enough and do not leave the pages of our site you will never get bored .

First of all, allow you to tell why such a name. Skazy - from the one of little-known languages ​​in exotic countries, means a small bird (weighing no more than a pound with a wingspan of no less than 18cm.) Birdie, this has an interesting feature that distinguishes it from other more common species - a very fast bird She has a fantastic rate of dispersal (less than one and a half seconds to hundreds) at a relatively low maximum speed achieved is not only the unique structure of the body, but also the very principle of the movement. Tale of the only bird that uses the principle of jet propulsion at the same time a sharp decrease in its own weight at the beginning of the flight, but it does not always happen, only if it is badly frightened. From the words of Aboriginal this bird is very beautiful, but so far no one has her photograph, as usual it is difficult to access areas to the same speed of the birds can not get clear pictures.

If we turn to the epic North Zelatssky Eskimos, they have a bird's Skazy has another feature, it has very large eggs, it is probably due to the lack of protein in the diet of northern peoples, and though the bird has not been seen, let alone her eggs, the people ascribe the most desirable quality. The eggs, of course, is relative, looking to compare, but noted that the northern chicken eggs more than in the south.

And at the end of the bird's Skazy is very funny animal, which is always in a good mood, singing songs and melodies are different, she is happy because it flies very fast and has a large egg in its place anyone would be happy to animals, because man can not be happy.

From all the above it is clear that the Company "Skazy" did not just want to match the image of the mythical bird, ie make refilling cartridges fast and fun, but also to fill in your toner cartridges than competing firms, and in clinical cases, we are even ready to fly toner cartridges, give to each other for a fee.

Company SKAZY - a professional refill cartridges of different makes and models. We have more than eight years working in the area of ​​consumables in St. Petersburg, which allows us to provide high quality of work performed and fast customer service. Extensive experience, a team of highly qualified specialists and special equipment in the lab are the guarantee of rapid refilling cartridges and repair of office equipment.

Why refill cartridges?

Refill laser toner is a very popular service for economic reasons, you just imagine the thick wads of money, which are formed automatically in your hands from refilling cartridges. Cartridges must be regularly refilled, since the empty cartridge stops printing, but the new cartridge is much more filling, but print quality is not as seasoned as good, here in this place and there are bundles of money. In addition, it is much greener (throwing a cartridge you will get 5 liters of gasoline - automatic) and aesthetic (even refilled cartridges cleaner new - hand polished), and of course, everyone will be pleased that the equipment, which may even serve as your descendants you not classified in the trash.

Refilling ink cartridges in St. Petersburg in the company SKAZY

We carry refill cartridges in St. Petersburg in his own laboratory. We do not refill the ink cartridges in the client's office, because in such circumstances it is impossible to conduct a full diagnosis and testing, as well as assess the suitability of the cartridge to work with. Therefore, for the benefit of clients we are refilling cartridges in St. Petersburg in our loboratorii where there is the necessary equipment, inexhaustible supplies of new toner, tools for processing, filling and checking the cartridge. We can refill cartridges HP, Canon, Samsung, Brother and many other brands.

How does the gas station?

We provide services for filling cartridges for many years. If you're wondering, in general terms, the following occurs: - the cartridge is a hole, unless of course it does not, and there filled toner if there is a match, then this hole cork of undetermined origin may even use corks from champagne or beer. However, our company over the years has developed an optimal charging process. First of all, the filling of cartridges color laser printers (monochrome - a special case of non-ferrous) is performed with preliminary diagnosis to immediately identify any worn or damaged parts. We then thoroughly clean the cartridge of the waste toner box (which some companies collect and use for further charging, in contrast to ours - be careful), then fill it with a brand new cartridge and handle ionized gas to dissipate any static charge and destroy the saprophytes that impede the normal distribution of toner . After this cartridge is packaged in a box superkartonnuyu and delivered to the customer free of charge


Cartridges can be refilled many times, but sooner or later its parts wear out and require replacement. Recovery procedure except filling includes still and replace worn parts, replace all the possible starting small gear end at the cartridge, but most often change fotoval and squeegee, tube for changing the toner in extremely rare cases, or requezt client. We carry out filling and restoration of cartridges of various types, including repair and replacement of all parts and components. In some cases, restoration of cartridges involves the replacement or reset the chip, preventing the gas station. Especially often this requires a refill cartridge Xerox and Samsung.

Buying b / y cartridges

We buy original toner cartridge, which never refueled for their further recovery. The cost of cartridges varies, specify it by our experts. Caution: Do not dispose of used cartridges just so, their details need to be recycled. For everyone, our company provides a service "free recovery," which in a few minutes will make full utilization of all of your cartridges directly in front of you.


So why is the restoration of cartridges cheaper? 

1.   When filling or restoration, you do not pay for the cartridge casing
2.   When filling or restoration, you do not pay for the brand (brand) original cartridge
3.   When filling or restoration, you do not pay brokers
4.   But the cartridges are getting high quality, restoration of professional equipment, using components and accessories from leading Western manufacturers

The service recovery cartridge includes: cleaning of the spent cartridge from the toner cartridge refilling, replacement of components to the new leading manufacturers. The procedure for recovery is made from the customer and the cartridge is possible in almost all cases. Not recovering counterfeit cartridges under the original or compatible, because the cartridge was originally composed of low-grade low-quality parts. 

1.   Restoration of the cartridges in SKAZY - the best materials and unique technologies of recycling cartridges.
2.   Restoration of the cartridges in SKAZY - this savings up to 60-70%, with print quality and number of copies of cartridges in line with the new original cartridges.
3.   Restoration of the cartridges in SKAZY - this is the exact timing of implementation of treaty obligations, warranties and liability for each cartridge is manufactured by us.
4.   Restoration of the cartridges in SKAZY - is contributing to the protection of the environment, since each filled cartridge reduces the number bionerazlagayuschihsya waste.

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