* Willing to work in this area: we are interested in sharing their own experiences, providing stable operation of existing equipment and providing you new to your orders. 

* Ability to work in this area: the necessary level of knowledge, availability of modern high-tech equipment and skilled engineers, mechanism of work. 

* Own a unique technology, unique solutions, developed by the staff of our company to improve our services and tangible benefits for our clients. 

* We are informed that a new market and how it may be advantageous for our clients, closely following the world trends in printing technology. 

* The exact dates of implementation of treaty obligations, the responsibility for each cartridge is manufactured by us. 

* Compliance with the social, legal and ethical standards, respect for the rights and interests of our employees and customers, honesty and fairness in the relationship. 

* Contribute in protecting the environment, since each filled cartridge reduces the number bionerazlagayuschihsya waste.

Our new phone number +7-812-320-03-02.

"Every client - a flag in his hands."

Everyone wishing to participate...


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Industrial recovery of cartridges!
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