Spent cartridges - this is a special type of waste, seriously polluting the environment, because each cartridge, throw in a landfill, breaks down at least a few hundred years. 

Progress can not be stopped, and the use of printers and copiers can not give virtually no organization. But with the future technologies, such as recycling, the effects of the rapid penetration of the office equipment in our lives can be less destructive to the environment. 

You too can take part in protecting our country from the waste stream by going to refill cartridges. In the United States and other developed countries have not implemented the first year of government support for companies involved in the restoration of cartridges that can save money and save the environment.

Our new phone number +7-812-320-03-02.

"Every client - a flag in his hands."

Everyone wishing to participate...


(812) 320-03-02

Industrial recovery of cartridges!
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