By refilling or recovery of laser cartridges, our employees have technology developed by the manufacturer of printing equipment and cartridges. 

* Cartridge for laser printer or copier passes visual inspection for mechanical damage. Then print a test page made for testing equipment. Based on these results, our specialist will determine the condition of the cartridge. 

* Cartridges carefully dismantle and clean on the special equipment. 

* A full technical details of the cartridge handling various special solutions. If this is not the filling and restoration, it has been entirely replaced the cartridge parts. 

* Cartridge refuel strictly linearly portions toner powder on the designated equipment. Each cartridge contains a model of the type of toner, so cartridge and refuel in the same type of toner, so as not to lose print quality and to preserve the longevity of its use. 

* Test cartridge, printing a test check-list. The process of recycling will not be finalized until the test page will not meet the standard of print quality, ustanolennomu manufacturer. 

* The cartridge is installed warranty seal, which ensures the safety of our customers a guarantee of the quality of our services. 

* The cartridge is packed in sealed, opaque bag. Then they are packed in boxes «SKAZY».

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Industrial recovery of cartridges!
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