According to competent sources of well-known U.S. company announced a new effective tool for hair removal. The tool is designed to remove unwanted hair on the female body (as in the other, and in some men). The tool is absolutely painless and completely removes hair on all areas of human skin, and if Rough handling, and on his head, and the restoration of hair practically does not happen, at least none of the subjects in the field tests are not grown any new hair. For this reason, one of the women completely lost hair all over the body and are now forced to wear a wig.
    The principle of operation means surprisingly simple and does not hide the manufacturer. This cream-based vegetable protein and water, is neutral on its chemical composition, has unique physical properties - the very high hygroscopicity, which allows it to penetrate the very narrow slit. Penetrating into perineum between the hair bulb and the human body, it acts as a lubricant and the hair is simply sneak out of their holes, and, rather than other existing methods, there is complete removal of the bulb, together with the roots.
   Currently, vehicle testing on a sample of 5 thousand people of various nationalities in virtually all climatic zones of our planet. The Americans hope to begin serial production by the end of this year. Everyone wishing to participate in the testing of our company is ready to send detailed information.

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