April 1, our company is beginning a marketing campaign called "Every client - a flag in his hands."
Especially for this event purchased unprecedented number of flags of various sizes and colors. The purpose of this action to attract large corporate customers, not only in order to fill them with high quality toner cartridges and perform other quality services. Flags will be played to all clients regardless of their willingness to participate in the action, only a necessary condition for participation is a test filling one cartridge from which the client is completely satisfied with the work performed.
    Participants will be ranked strictly according to the degree of satisfaction with services, to who takes the first place given the possibility of choosing a flag in the first place but only on the colors (the flag size is determined solely by the size of the flagpole, in turn, hands the size of the client - so before the action is necessary to tell us the size of your palm ). Participants in the second, third and subsequent places will receive the right to choose sequentially in strict conformity with the seats. Under the terms of the action party to the last place is denied the right choices and gets into the hands of the flag which is no more who did not want to.
   In any refilling cartridges are taken to ensure that the degree of satisfaction was the least in the positive zone, it is desirable to bring the cartridges from laser printers known producers, but even in clinical cases may receive the appropriate flag.

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Дорогие женщины, с праздником!

Добавилась новая опция блокировки кассет от открытия на bizhub C224e/C284e/C364e/C454e/C554e.

Наша Компания поздравляет всех мужчин с праздником

Распродажа картриджей HP C4096A Skazy для LJ 2100/2200 - 865 руб!

Маркетинговая программа "Первый картридж - заправка бесплатно"

Новый номер телефона компании Скази 320-03-02

Сервисное обслуживание и ремонт KONICA MINOLTA принтеров и копировальных аппаратов.

Скупка отработанных лазерных картриджей

Восстановление картриджа для HP LJ CP1215/ 1515N/ 1518Ni

Samsung CLP-300


(812) 320-03-02

Промышленное восстановление и заправка картриджей.

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